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Achievements of DLCO-EA

Since its inception, the Organization has made the following significant breakthroughs in its scientific approach to migrant pest and vector management:

  • DLCO-EA , in co-operation with its member countries and donor community, successfully suppressed locust plagues in the region that were inflicting heavy losses to crops, pastures and posed danger to food security of the member countries.
  • Following the successful control operations of the Desert Locust plagues in the past decades ending in early 1960's, DLCO-EA has pro-actively maintained the region in stable condition and put the region free from any fear of locust plagues that might occur, without early detection and timely intervention.
  • The organization's successful suppression and control of the major locust plagues/upsurges in the main outbreak areas of Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti, has kept Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda free from locusts for the last three decades. This also meant saving millions of tons of food and foreign exchange that would have been utilized for importing food in these countries.
  • DLCO-EA has also, in collaboration with national PPDs, successfully managed to minimize the frequency of occurrence of major outbreaks of the migrant pests of Armyworm and Quelea birds.
  • The organization has also played a great role in controlling the Tsetse fly, that has a great implication in the areas of human health and livestock development sector
What is NEW at DLCO-EA

Vacany announcment for the post of pilot

Vacancy announcment for the post of Internal auditor

Both Posts announced on Ethiopian Hearald Tuesday 5 June, 2018. Others please contact DLCO-EA Bases in respective member countries


  DLCO-EA released its 50th Year Anniversary e-Book

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