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Institutional Capacity

After successive restructuring and staff reduction related to cost saving measures, DLCO-EA now has a total of 112 staff of which 28 are Regional/Professional staff, (Accountants, Administrators, Engineers, Information and Forecasting Officers, Pilots and Research Scientists); while the rest are Local/Support Staff.

The Organization, because of historical developments, has a strong and large quantity of assets, including buildings (offices, hangar, stores, and workshops), aircraft, vehicles, and equipment that are located throughout the member countries.

The Air Unit, which is located at Wilson Airport, Nairobi has a fleet of eight operational aircraft (1 Cessna Caravan, 1 Beech Baron, 1 Islander and 5 Beavers), fully maintained and operated by Aircraft Engineers, Avionics Engineer, Pilots and Support staff. Two of the planes were purchased, but the rest were donated.


DLCO-EA obtains its core finances from annual contributions paid by Member countries based on agreed percentages.

During severe locust outbreaks, the Organization liaises with FAO and international donor agencies for support for vehicles, spray equipment, pesticides, etc.

Other Revenue is Generated by the Organization through:

  1. Air charters, since 1994, to the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) in the Great Lakes Region.
  2. Renting of spare offices at Nairobi and Kampala.
  3. Renting of hangar facilities at Nairobi Wilson Airport.
  4. Evaluation of the efficacy of commercial pesticides by the Research Division at cost.
  5. Commercial agricultural aviation contracts for cotton and vector control.
  6. Sale of obsolete property.
  7. Donor-funded research activities.


Due to fluctuations in the payment of contributions, the extra revenue generated has contributed significantly to the survival of the Organization, particularly the operational maintenance of the Air Unit, topping up of staff salaries, etc.

What is NEW at DLCO-EA

Vacany announcment for the post of pilot

Vacancy announcment for the post of Internal auditor

Both Posts announced on Ethiopian Hearald Tuesday 5 June, 2018. Others please contact DLCO-EA Bases in respective member countries


  DLCO-EA released its 50th Year Anniversary e-Book

Media Gallery

photogalleryDLCO-EA photo gallery contains photos that provide information regarding main activites .



videogalleryVideo Gallery by DLCO is the place where you get Audio-visual inofrmation about the Organization main activities.

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