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The Way Forward

DLCO-EA has survived over 40 years, yet other regional pest control Organizations in Africa, have collapsed, due mainly to lack of financial support from the Member countries. For example, OCLALAV (Joint Locust and Bird Control Organization) based in Dakar, Senegal (10 member countries), and OICMA (International Organization against the African Migratory Locust), based in Bamako, Mali (16 countries), ceased to operate under the original mandates after surviving for 22-38 years, respectively!


1.  Diversify and improve the internal revenue generation of the Organization to supplement Member Countries                 

      contributions in meeting DLCO-EA's budget for annual workplan.

2.  Modernise and expand the Air Unit for improved services to the Member Countries and revenue generation.

    3.  Conduct target-oriented research, with a strong component for revenue generation.

      4.  Improve its pest early warning information and forecasting systems, for timely intervention at less cost.

        5.  Develop internal and regional training modules for capacity building and collaboration.

          6.  Forge closer symbiotic relationships with its development partners, especially donors and regional organizations.

          What is NEW at DLCO-EA

          Vacany announcment for the post of pilot

          Vacancy announcment for the post of Internal auditor

          Both Posts announced on Ethiopian Hearald Tuesday 5 June, 2018. Others please contact DLCO-EA Bases in respective member countries

            DL SWARM IN EASTERN ETHIOPIA  April 2014

            DLCO-EA released its 50th Year Anniversary e-Book

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